FEI has established an excellent rapport with DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and numerous conservation districts in order to obtain storm water management approval. FEI continues to remain current with the latest Department of Environmental Protection storm water management and best management practices requirements.

Stormwater Management

FEI has significant design experience
and and stays current with the latest storm water management design technologies, best management practice (BMP) requirements, and low impact development design standards (LIDS).

FEI has the following Stormwater design experience:

  • Hydraulic conductivity testing for infiltration design
  • Pre and Post Development Hydrology Design plans
    and calculations
  • Storm water Management Facility Design - detention/retention basins, wet/dry basins, and underground infiltration beds.
  • NDPES permits (General and Individual) - PNDI search applications, NOI applications, GIF forms, checklists, Land Use Questionnaire Form, and Design Worksheets.
  • Storm water Management Facility Design Calculations, and reports.
  • Storm Sewer Hydraulic design calculation and design profile.
  • Storm water Utility Extension Plans

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